1. The Struggle Continues

    So I am still trying to get this mac mini HTPC set-up finalized. So far so good, Comcast changed our service, and we still get all the basic cable channels through the EYeTV Hybrid and the joy of clear QAM. I thought I would have to live a life of ironing to Sportscenter online but technology has solved that little puzzle. Yay, thank goodness too. I cant front, I miss the HD ESPN but for $100 bucks a month less I’m not complaining. Still working out the recording kinks and so far all my recordings have filled my poor mini’s hard drive and wont send to the external HD but through the use of my new favorite tool - the alias - I am sure all will be rectified shortly.

    Speaking of Alias’, in case you are using an external HD for all your pictures and music, you can create an alias in the local folders so that new imports go where they are supposed to and so it will always find your stuff - no more exclamation points. Create an alias of the networked location to the natural location and you’re done. for me it included adding this alias in the itunes music local folder so that it would stop importing CD’s there. No I don’t have to consolidate my music or go searching for the database. It always finds it, oh jeah!

    Back to my HTPC and the settling process. I have recently downloaded a bunch of ABDC from the past two seasons but cannot get it to load into Plex correctly. For some reason Plex is a very hard program to get going, some find it easy but I’m having so much trouble. Anyone know apple strings? I don’t. In between preparing for 2 presentations this Thursday and 2 papers due next week I am trying to figure this Plex non sense out. Its giving me a headache.

    These headaches are gone in the morning however, thanks to some great sleep I have been having on our new Eco-Cloud mattress. Going organic was expensive but has paid off. I sleep better, breathe (and snore) easier and have been feeling rested upon my alarm’s 5AM cry. Of course now it’s hard to get out of bed for an entirely different reason.
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